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Skare is our lightweight and durable winter boot. It is perfect for winter hiking and snowshoeing. The wool felt inner boot is removable and guarantees warm, dry feet, and it can be worn indoors. Skare has a Vibram Curcuma outsole with toe protection. The boots are made according to the shell principle, and the sturdy outer shell combines rubber in the lower part of the boot and high quality split skin leather. Skare has a long lasting construction that is highly repairable and serviceable.


  • Lightweight winter boot
  • Shaft made from Perwanger Split Leather
  • EVA insulation in midsole
  • Vibram Curcuma outsole with toe cap
  • Removable 3 mm wool inner boot with HFC
  • heel grip


Perwanger® split leather , HFC™ heel grip, Removable felt inner boot in Wool with HFC™, Rubber reinforced toe, Heinen Terracare Regatta wax nubuck, Vibram Curcuma, Vegam Feltro

Unlike certain other splendid products, Lundhags boots don’t win in being repaired, they are to be used. If you take care of your boots properly, they can last for decades.

Unlike certain other great products, Lundhags boots don’t win in being repaired, they are to be used. If you take care of your boots properly, they can last for decades.

Properly proof the boots the first three or four times you use them. After a while, you will see where you need to proof the boots to get maximum protection against wet conditions.

Use the boots as often and as much as possible, preferably at least twice per month. They will then retain their shape to your feet.

Always use two pairs of wool socks, one thinner closest to the foot (a liner) and one heavier depending on the temperature.

Clean the boots with mild water and a scrubbing brush. This works even on the inside to wash out salt and dirt from the leather.

Avoid drying the boots in a drying cupboard. They withstand drying of max 40°.

Remove the insoles and place them in the shaft after each use.

Ensure that your boots are well impregnated if you plan to not use for a while. The cellular rubber, however, should not be proofed. Lundhags Leather Grease is a perfect companion to your polished boots. For boots in nubuck, you will want to use Leather Wax from Toko, which retains the polished, suede-like surface, for the best protection against water. But you then lose the special appearance of nubuck and the nubuck can darken somewhat.

Store the boots in a cool place between hikes.

Do the shafts of the boots feel too hard? By leaving the last three pairs of holes in the shaft unlaced, you will soften up the shaft naturally during first hikes.

Choosing the right size is decisive for how you will feel in your new Lundhags boots.


The easiest way to quickly find the right size is put on a thin sock and measure your feet from heel to toe, then add 20 mm and compare with the sizes in the table below.

UK3 1/3455 2/36 1/27 1/3899 2/310 1/211 1/31213

Choose the right last

We work with several different lasts for our collection of boots. They differ slightly and it is therefore important to know which last is made for the boot you choose.

Opti Ws-last

This last has the same shape as the Opti-last, but has been modified throughout the years to best fit women and smaller sizes. Somewhat narrower and higher over the ankle.


This last is slightly wider and has a lower ankle measurement to prevent the foot from sliding forward. The toe box is developed from earlier versions to offer more space for your toes.


This last is a further development of our previous Normal last, where the volume has increased and the big toe box has become straighter to provide extra space. It fits feet with high ankle measurements, which many of us have.

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HolgerFriday, 08 Sep 2017

Ich habe die Schuhe nun schon zwei Monate und muß sagen, daß ich wirklich begeistert bin. Es gibt weder Druckstellen noch sonstige Unbequemlichkeiten. Weiterhin machen sie einen robusten Eindruck und sind dabei noch relativ leicht. Die Skare ergänzen meine "Kollektion" an Outdoorschuhen deutscher Hersteller mit einem Top Modell für alle Jahreszeiten (bis auf Hochsommer) und machen Lust auf mehr. Viele Grüße aus Bayern :-)

Ge ditt betyg och skriv en recension