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Product guides

You will finds guides about our products here. They provide information about the characteristics and which products suit you best.

About the Lundhags boot

For many, Lundhags is synonymous with the world’s best boots. Partly thanks to their superior durability, partly thanks to the boots, via the shell principle, adaptability to every given situation and activity.

Custom made

We offer specially manufactured boots in three models: Custom Style, Custom Fit and Custom Made.

Choosing the right sock

Our boots are constructed according to the shell principle, which means that they are like an outer garment for your feet. Hence, they should be supplemented with two pairs of socks, according to the shell principle. And an insole. Everything, of course, with a large content of wool for the most comfort and function.

Black Ice

Black Ice is an updated and refined Nordic skating assortment from Lundhags. The series includes four new skates, ice pike, a new skating boot and a line of safety products – all developed to give you as safe, comfortable and fun an experience as possible on the ice.