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Our friends

Lundhags friends have exactly like us, a loving relationship to nature. They often take the opportunity to challenge nature in different ways that place our quality and functionality to truly demanding tests.

Feeling before technology

For Lundhags friend and one of Sweden’s most awarded nature photographers, Serkan Günes, photography is very little about technology. And he himself has never gone to photo school.

Nature personified

Eva Bromée, the hunter, the dog trainer, and the wilderness guide is more outside than in. Spring, summer, autumn and winter – she lives in and off the nature.

Dare to get lost

Why should we go out into nature? We asked the question to wilderness guide Urban. He tells of daring to get lost, how a bad memory can be of great help and why he went out to look at beavers.

Ajne`s adventure on black ice

Mårten Ajne has over 30 years of Nordic skating experience. He often spends about 40 days a year on natural ice in Sweden and abroad. He has written books on the subject and participated in the product development of Lundhags’ new Nordic skating products. Few people can describe the technique behind and show the fascination of gliding over frozen water like Mårten.