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Throughout the years, we have learned quite a bit about much of the outdoors – which we want to gladly share and will update our tips & advice regularly.

Lundhags boot guarantee

We love our boots and are proud of each pair that leaves our shop. But despite all our quality controls, a not-so perfect boot can slip out, if very rarely. We would then like to get the boot back and the chance to make things right.

4 Hiking tips in Åre

Åre has easier and slightly harder tours. Just pick and choose, after your mood and ability. Here are four of our favourites.

Packing list for hiking

To get as much as possible from your hike, respect for nature and an understanding of the required equipment are needed. Of course, how to pack your bag and which equipment you choose is very individual, but we have listed our best tips here.

Black Ice

Going Nordic skating in the winter sun with kilometre after kilometre of shiny ice in front of you is truly a special feeling. The nature, the air, the company, and a very simple principle to move forward; right, left, right, left, farther, farther across the frozen lane.

Kittefjäll mountains - Lapland´s trasure

Nature doesn’t make a fuss in Kittelfjäll. It requires you to be prepared and to know what you are doing. Just like outdoor lovers here want it.

The short film "A Nordic Skater" by Paulius Neverbickas

Short film about Per Sollerman, nordic ice and the freedom in nordic skating.

David´s strive to help

Read more about Davids part in Virgin Strive challenge 2018 with Sir Richard Branson.