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Lundhags Boot Guarantee

We love our boots and are proud of each pair that leaves our shop. But despite all our quality controls, a not-so perfect boot can slip out, if very rarely. We would then like to get the boot back and the chance to make things right.

Lundhags Boot Guarantee covers material and production faults and means that Lundhags will repair or replace the defective boot free of charge. The guarantee applies from the original date of purchase and applies to only the original customer and is non-transferable.

Lundhags Boot Guarantee applies to cases where the boot has been used during normal conditions and treated and cared for according to the instructions on our pages about boot care. If the defect is caused by misuse, excessive wear and tear, negligence, or an accident, the guarantee does not apply.

Registration of the case is done within a reasonable time (max. 3 months) after the defect has been detected. If such a registration is not made, despite the purchaser detecting or should have detected the defect, the purchaser loses the right to refer to the guarantee. This applies even if the purchaser has made the defect worse.

Upon return

Contact us with any questions regarding the guarantee and repair.

When you send your boots to our shoemaker at the factory in Järpen, they should be clean and dry.

Lundhags Skomakarna AB
Atlantvägen 1
837 31 Järpen, Sweden

For all repairs, you are responsible for shipping and the article for repair during transport. Lundhags will cover the return shipping if the repair costs exceed 1,000 SEK.

For guarantee issues, Lundhags covers all shipping costs.

What happens then

Once we have a returned boot, our shoemaker will examine the product and determine if the problem is covered by the Lundhags Boot Guarantee and decide which measure to take. Once a decision is made, the customer is then notified.

Because Lundhags boots are so-called shell boots, it is in most cases possible, and often quite easy, to repair a boot. If repair is not possible, the boots is replaced with a new boot. If the defective boot is no longer in stock, the customer is then offered an equivalent boot as replacement.

Once the guarantee does not apply

If you have a boot whose damage is not covered by the Lundhags Boot Guarantee, we will always do our best to help you regardless. Our shoemaker in Järpen receives all damaged Lundhags boot and if possible, will repair them at a reasonable cost.