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Lundhags Factory Shop in Järpen

Everything began here in Järpen. The shop was initially a small part of Lundhags, but as Lundhags assortment grew, so did the shop.

Today, the Lundhags Factory Shop has taken over the large factory floor and our stockroom is now located where the shop was before. The shop always sells the latest from Lundhags and we even have a large assortment of Swix and Ulvang. We want to offer all the imaginable  products needed for a hike or cross country ski tour. Our large outlet is often a well-appreciated destination, where you can find bargains on everything from socks to boots and ski clothing. The shoemakers also work here, so if you want some tips or something repaired, feel free to come by.

Opening hours


Monday–Friday: 10-17

Saturday–Sunday: 10-16

9th December - 7th January

Monday–Friday: 10-18

Saturday–Sunday: 10-17

Special opening hours

Monday 11th 10-13

Tuesday 12th Closed

Christmas eve 10-13

Christmas day 10-13

New years eve 10-13

New years day 10-13

Contact us

Telephone: 0647-66 56 20


Visit us

Atlantvägen 1, 830 05 Järpen, Sweden

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Welcome to Järpen!