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About Lundhags

Lundhags, an outdoor brand with a Scandinavian focus. We manufacture boots and outdoor clothing that are long lasting and with a multitude of uses. Everyone in Jämtland knows about Lundhags; in the rest of Sweden, we are slowly getting discovered. But it shouldn’t go so fast, we want supporters who love Lundhags and appreciate really good quality.

Lundhags Skomakarna AB

Lundhags Skomakarna AB is a Swedish company with deep roots in Jämtland.

Our strength is our quality and our ability to make functional products in classic, Scandinavian design.

Everything began with our Lundhags boots, what we are most known for today. Lundhags was founded in 1932 by the shoemaker Jonas Lundhag. He began manufacturing shoes and boots in the mountains of Jämtland and saw the need for boots that lasted long, handled long hikes and functioned in all seasons.

Lundhags boots have continued to develop and over time, we even began selling outdoor clothing. Even here, Lundhags has the same thoughts regarding quality, durability and enjoyment in nature. For a long time, Lundhags was a family company, but is today owned by Swix Sport AS, which is a strong owner that has provided us the opportunity to grow and develop our products even more.

What characterizes Lundhags is our thoughts with the shell principle – we don’t believe in boots with a lining. Instead, we want each customer to easily regulate his or her temperature with the help of socks. Therefore, our boots dry very quickly, allowing Lundhags boot users to hike with dry feet.

The idea behind our clothing is also several layers and various functionalities. We call our clothing hybrids – blending parts of different materials to create the ultimate garment for the hiker. In conjunction with our new owner, Lundhags is now also selling products from Swix – ski clothing, waxes, poles and Ulvangs wonderful wool long underwear.

Lundhags Factory Shop

Today, we have two factory shops in Sweden, one in Järpen and one in Insjön. Here, we offer the world’s largest Lundhags assortment, as well as many products from Swix and Ulvang.

Both shops are large and there is always something to buy here. The shops also have outlets, where we sell discontinued models, samples, our own products, etc. at very good prices. Our existing shops are supplements by e-commerce for those of you who don’t have the possibility to visit us.

Lundhags Factory Shop offers brand names like Lundhags, Houdini, Icebreaker, Newline, Skhoop, Nordic Kidswear, Tenson, Primus, Trangia, Hilleberg, Mountain Equipment, Sanouk, Keen, Nokian Footwear, Ivanhoe, Blizz, and Hestra. We are here to help you and share inspiration and tips for exciting adventures.