Mid layers

  • Tanner Belt 30 mm

    A timeless belt made from full grain leather with a curved metal buckle. Made in Sweden.

  • Horten Ws Sweater

    A knitted crewneck sweater made from 100% Wool. The Wool is boil-washed which makes it slightly felted, comfortable to wear and durable.

  • Tanner Boot

    Tanner is a classic one-layer work boot that feels the most Lundhags in their design. The design and details, like the stitching and tongue, have the same character as the legendary boot Park.

  • Edhe Parka

    A warm, durable and slightly shorter parka with a slimmer fit, for tough winter climates. The shell is made from a new, waxed PolyCotton material called LPC Wax, which gives it a soft feeling and a characteristic look. The parka is insulated with 70% recycled Polyester.

  • Venture Boot

    Venture is a fully warm, lined workboot in the Heritage collection. The boot is lined and works well even in the winter. An upholstered shaft and a thin of wool lining on the inside makes Venture an extra snug boot.

Mid layers

What is a mid layer ?

A mid layer can be, for example, a fleece jacket or a thicker wool sweater. The garment will keep you warm, while still releasing moisture from the body.

When should I use a mid layer ?

Wear a mid layer over a base layer for extra warmth. The thickness you choose can be varied depending on the temperature and your activity level.